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Tiana Howard

  • Background

    Tiana is a urogynaecology specialist nurse.

  • Jasmine

  • Background

    Jasmine is married and has one child. She describes her ethnicity as Arab. Conditions: UTI, urinary incontinence

  • Age at interview 34
  • María

  • Background

    María is a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant who lives with her partner. She describes her ethnicity as Latin American. Condition: urinary incontinence

  • Age at interview 33
  • Jordan

  • Background

    Jordan is studying for a PhD, and lives with their wife. Jordan describes their ethnicity as “white, other”. Condition: recurrent UTI

  • Age at interview 31
  • Parminder

  • Background

    Parminder does not have children. She has a partner but is currently living with her family. Parminder lives with a disability and works full-time. Her ethnicity is Asian-Indian. Condition: urinary...

  • Age at interview 29
  • Liz

  • Background

    Liz is married with an adult daughter. She is retired but used to own and operate a B&B in Scotland. Her ethnicity is White-Scottish. Conditions: urinary frequency, urinary incontinence, pelvic...

  • Age at interview 68