Life on the Autism spectrum

Where to find information about autism

Many people started to read about autism after searching the internet in the hope of finding an explanation for difficulties they experienced and having come to suspect that they might be on the spectrum. For several, autism or Asperger syndrome became special interests and they read articles, websites, autism related fiction and autobiographies. A few people were doing autism focused courses at university. Little information was given at diagnosis other than lists of resources, such as local support groups, or links to the National Autistic Society (NAS) website.
“I was incredibly obsessed with Asperger syndrome”
Internet forums were recommended because they are interactive and a good way of getting answers to questions. Several people found the NAS website helpful while a couple commented that it wasn’t “autism friendly”. 
“It strikes me there’s a burgeoning of titles in the field of autism”
Other people described how they enjoyed reading books or newspaper articles that they could relate to.
“Because I live with it, I don’t need to read about it”
Some people were less positive about information or talked about how they no longer read as much as they used to about autism. A few people were critical about the available information, particularly books written by academics or health professionals; “It’s all rubbish. It is all people who are academic and have never seen a person with Asperger’s in their lives so what’s the point?”
A couple of people did not like books that used autism as “an excuse for naughty behaviour”.
One woman thought a lot of the books were about people who were more severely disabled than her husband and so were less relevant. 

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Last reviewed July 2016.
Last updated November 2012.


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