Gavin - Interview 44

Age at interview: 28
Age at diagnosis: 14
Brief Outline: Gavin, aged 28, was diagnosed with autism when he was 14 years old. He lives in a residential facility connected to his old school with two other people on the autism spectrum and attends college two or three days a week.
Background: Gavin, aged 28, lives in a residential facility for people on the autism spectrum. Ethnic background/nationality: White British.

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Gavin, aged 28, was diagnosed with autism when he was 14 years old. Gavin went to mainstream primary school and then attended two residential schools up to the age of 19. He has lived in a facility connected to his last school since then with two other people with autism.
Gavin goes to college two or three days a week to do courses such as gardening and arts and crafts. He also does some community service in a local forest and has a paper round which he does with his support worker. He enjoys going on the computer and going to the pub with his support worker to play darts or snooker. Gavin can look after himself but needs constant support to remind him to do things like getting dressed, shaving or making a sandwich. 
Gavin goes back to his parents’ house during the holidays or at weekends and enjoys going out with his parents for walks or on holiday to the seaside. Gavin can get anxious about things and may worry about events that happened years before.

Gavin still thinks about a pencil he dropped down the drain while at primary school.



I dropped a pencil down the sink at [school].

[teacher] says I can’t find it, it’s an old buildings. I can’t..

if I dropped it there [5 sec pause] she did say if I dropped it and then I can’t find the old buildings.

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