Alternatives to vaccination

We talked to pregnant women about alternatives to vaccination. Some felt that there were other steps that they could take to stay protected from illness, as an alternative to vaccination. This included things like wearing masks when around people, maintaining distance from others, increased hand-washing, and in some cases preferring more natural approaches rather than medication or vaccination.*1

Evidence box
*1 Although some prevention techniques (such as wearing masks and keeping away from people) may help minimise catching infectious diseases, the best and most effective form of protection is vaccination.


The following information was collected from women and is comprised of their personal viewpoints about vaccination

I’ve thought, no, no, I’m in control of my own health, and I would rather do it through, like, exercising and eating healthily and looking after myself… and then I, then I’m well enough and equipped to fight something that I might get, rather than giving myself something, vaccine, that I don't know.
Liza, 25-34
But because I’m pregnant, I’m just a bit more aware. And my husband is very aware as well. Like, if we’re, go somewhere, and there’s anyone who’s ill, we’ll both, like, not ... like, keep away or not go… And so, yeah, it definitely makes you think more about just protecting yourself and what you could be putting yourself in, situations with COVID or ... even with the flu, because I didn’t have the flu jab.
Hollie, 25-34

Feelings of responsibility

We spoke to pregnant women about feelings of responsibility behind getting vaccinated. The decision about vaccinations was sometimes driven by a sense of responsibility or...