Social Sciences

From Oxford to Otago (New Zealand) academics are using Healthtalkonline video clips in lectures and seminars to teach subjects such as:

  • Sociology of health and health care/Medical Sociology
  • Psychology (mental health, health psychology)
  • Medical Sociology
  • Social pharmacy
  • Health policy
  • Qualitative research methods (especially interviewing)

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Case Study: Health Sociology

Dr. Caragh Brosnan is a lecturer in Health Sociology
at the School of Humanities & Social Science, University of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia.

I use in the Health Sociology first year course that I teach. Last year I set the following essay question:

Select one of the interviews below from Watch the videos and view the transcript. Use sociological literature and apply your sociological imagination to explain how these ‘personal troubles’ could be understood as ‘public issues’ (Mills 1959). In other words, find out how aspects of the person’s story fit into broader patterns of illness experiences that sociologists have identified.

Andy – a 52 year old man with a chronic illness

Jane – a 39 year old woman who has experienced postnatal depression

An unnamed man with mesothelioma (lung cancer caused by asbestos

This question resulted in some good essays. It’s a great resource and I will be using it again this year.”