Researchers and research supervision

Each set of interviews is collected and analysed by an experienced and trained researcher who specialises in this sort of study. Researchers within the Health Experiences Research Group are all social scientists by training with backgrounds in sociology, anthropology, health policy, psychology, discourse analysis and history. We have a careful recruitment process to ensure that we appoint excellent and sensitive researchers.

Each researcher is fully trained in the research process, and is given a detailed handbook to refer to. The research director has overall responsibility for ensuring the research process is adhered to and approving any changes to it, and conducts annual appraisals of each researcher. The full research team meets together every 4-6 weeks to monitor progress with the individual studies, provide mutual help and advice, and deal with any questions or problems. A particular strength of the process is that each researcher is assigned another researcher who acts as ‘buddy’. The buddy supports and advises their colleague at all stages.