Major donors and sponsors

DIPEx is seeking to work with major donors and sponsors to support specific charitable activities. We believe that DIPEx and its websites – Healthtalkonline and Youthhealthtalk – offer the opportunity to support a charity that is focused on improving the personal welfare of those impacted by illness or health concerns as well as improving the understanding amongst health professionals of people’s real-life experiences of ill-health.

For donations and sponsorship in excess of £5,000, we can:

  • hold a public launch event for new research modules, inviting public personalities and medical experts to help promote awareness of the published results. We have been successful in attracting support for such events from a variety of people in the public eye, including Jon Snow, Professor Sir David Weatherall, Dr Jonathan Miller, Jenni Murray, Philip Pullman, Libby Purves, Claire Rayner and Thom Yorke.
  • create teaching and learning materials drawn from the research modules which enables health professionals to see and hear people speaking about specific aspects of their experiences, including diagnosis, making treatment choices, surgery, medication and recuperation. The DIPEx database of personal experiences has been recognised as a ‘Gold Standard’ by the Department of Health and, in addition to providing support to others affected by the same condition, greater understanding by health professionals of such experiences is having a major impact on health service delivery
  • make additional improvements to Healthtalkonline and Youthhealthtalk. Since the launch of the new sites in October 2008, we have spent over ¬¨¬£25,000 on enhancements to the sites and have identified further new features that will improve user experience and enable new content to be added through technologies such as RSS feeds and podcasts

If you would like to discuss how we might put your money to the support of our aims, please contact Graham Shaw, Chief Executive on 07799 664371 or at