How we can help you

Through providing over 2000 people’s experiences of over 75 health conditions, we help health professionals:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of how a health condition or issue affects the patient
  • To keep up to date with practical information and advice that could be passed on to patients and colleagues
  • To better understand less common conditions that you may not have come across before, such as Motor-neurone disease
  • To find out what messages people have for health professionals; within each health condition is a section where you can find constructive feedback about people’s experiences with their doctors, nurses and consultants.

‘It’s impossible to understand the complexities, the personal and psychological impacts of an illness without hearing from somebody who actually has it. Thank you for helping me with my education, I’m certain that I will be a better doctor because of it.’ Khalil Secker, Medical Student

The content on this website is based on rigorous qualitative research from Oxford University’s Health Experiences Research Group and we are accredited by the Information Standard.