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Age at interview: 17
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Smoking weed makes her feel paranoid.

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Smoking weed makes her feel paranoid.

Every time. His calls, his phone, everything. Everybody I see I have to know everything he’s said about me or, every yeah, paranoid. Very paranoid. And like if people who, if I’m with people and they’re talking like, quite I’ll be like be talking about me, even though it’s probably got nothing to do with me at all, I want to know what they’re saying ‘cos I get really paranoid, and it gets me really angry. I’m thinking, “What are they talking about before?” But when I went to the doctors they said I’ve got anxiety. I don’t even know what that is. So paranoia and anxiety. I’m not sure what anxiety is, but paranoia definitely. Like walking home on me own at night. Even if I’ve not had, if I’ve like been smoking sometimes it makes me worse.
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