Interview 30

Age at interview: 37
Age at diagnosis: 28
Brief Outline: Abnormal smears and colposcopy examinations 1993-1995. Laser treatment given in 1995 (day patient). No recurrence.
Background: Buyer; married, no children.

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She found it reassuring talking to a friend who had a similar experience.


No, sort of back in those days, I mean if it was happening to me now and I hadn't experienced anything I'd be straight on the Internet and find out. But back, back then in those days there wasn't such a thing. And from my experience the only person that actually gave me sort of support was one of my friends and I was at, I just happened to be telling her because like I say things, you don't tend to talk about things like that and she said that because I was telling her about my experience, she'd had some treatment done. And I never knew about it although she was a friend. And sort of she explained to me how she felt going through the same situation and I thought crikey if she felt like that then I'm not being paranoid or whatever. So that was quite a comfort to me really, by talking to a friend that had gone through the same thing.


She found entering the treatment room daunting because of the equipment.


I actually went on a Saturday morning and there was no hold-ups on the treatment day at all, you was given an appointment time and we weren't kept about at all. There was obviously other people sort of waiting for their turn. I was taken into the normal side room and obviously spoken to briefly by the nurse. And then you was taken through into the major room where the treatment was going to be. 

And I mean that part of it was a little bit daunting because there was so many machines and, and obviously a screen, a TV screen in there and a few nurses and obviously the consultant who was gonna do the treatment. I think the worst thing for me when I was having that done was the fact of this TV screen because obviously its sort of shown up on there from the camera and that was the worst part for me, thinking crikey that's my insides, I think that was the worst part really. 

And all the way through from me going into that room I had a nurse at my side who was lovely, knew exactly what to say to you to make you feel better and the consultant that actually did the treatment explained right from the start what she was gonna do, how it might feel and a little bit of why she as doing it. So to be honest from all these sort of treatments, sort of the check-ups leading up to it the actual treatment, how I was treated having it, was very good.


She felt discomfort but little pain during the laser treatment.


It wasn't actually, when the treatment was going on the consultant did explain how it would tend to feel to you, it did feel like that but it wasn't really excruciating pain, it was discomfort but it wasn't really bad pain, that's how I could describe it. And even after the treatment and what have you, it would be like a really bad period pain, what you'd have and I think that's the only best way of describing it really. I think you tend to think it's going to be really horrible and painful but it's more discomfort than pain. 

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