Interview 19

Age at interview: 62
Brief Outline: Invited for screening in 2002, 2004 and 2006. The results of the Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) tests were all normal.
Background: A white British woman, an occupational therapy assistant, widow, no children.

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She was invited to be screened for bowel cancer in 2002, 2004 and 2006. The first screening test was done when she was 57. This was part of a pilot scheme. The results of the Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) tests have all been normal.

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Suggests that it is good 'citizenship' to be screened because it may prevent disease and save the...

Were there any other factors that influenced your decision whether or not to take part?

No, I think it's good citizenship to do so if you're offered these things that you should really. It will probably help others as well. You know, if nobody took part, nothing would happen would it, from it, so there would be no results for people to act on so.

Oh that's very interesting you see it as good citizenship.


Can you expand on that a bit more, that's really interesting.

Well we're, we're offered these things and I suppose I'm a religious person and I think that God guides my life to a certain extent so when these things come to me I think I should act upon them really.

In a way it's a sort of protection for me.

Mm that's a really interesting point of view, I hadn't, nobody has said that to me from a sort of religious point of view.


So you can see that maybe there's God acting?

May be yes, I think things happen in your life for a purpose and so when something is presented to you like that you've got to make a decision on it and it's all for my good isn't it, personal good.

I consider we are very blessed to have a national health service in this country but we all know it is financially stretched. With early detection of bowel disease offered in the pilot scheme and hopefully then nationally, many people may avoid what would be major surgery later with all the considerable costs this would incur. With this in mind surely to take part in the scheme is good citizenship. 


Both her parents had died of different cancers and she thought she might be at high risk of cancer.

Can you tell me please your story in relation to screening for bowel cancer, in as much detail as possible?

Yes, well it was in 2002, I can't remember exactly when, but I, I got this letter through the door asking me if I'd go for bowel cancer screening. I think the appointment to go, came with it, I'm not sure, I can't, I can't really remember that. But I decided I would go because I'm very conscious about cancer because both my parents have fairly recently died with cancer, my mother breast and ovary cancer and my dad with liver cancer.

Oh I'm so sorry.

So it does make you very conscious and I suspect I think that I'm, that's likely what will happen to me, so I want to just be careful. So when this came through the door I was quite pleased really to have the opportunity to take part in it because it does keep a check on you doesn't it?

I mean I also go for the mammographies and the, all the tests that you can really, that you're offered. Anyway I went for the test and well of course I did it, you do it at home, and about ten days later I got the result, all clear, so that was fine. And then I've had two subsequent tests, as far as I can remember, which have both been all clear.

Good that's a relief.

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