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Interview 7 talks candidly about how attraction can change while on hormone therapy.

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Interview 7 talks candidly about how attraction can change while on hormone therapy.


I think one of the interesting things for me that I hear a lot from people who take T is that something, like I’m way more, feels like a very candid thing to say to you but, I feel way more interested in dick, when I’m on T, than when I’m not. In a way that is quite strange [laughs]. Well not, not strange in and of itself, but strange to experience that shift. And honestly I honestly can’t, I honestly don’t know the answer to the question of whether it’s that I’m sexually interested in dick, or that I am like more fascinated in terms of my own body, like and what dick is like, it’s kind of a weird do I want it, or do I want it? Like [laughs] yeah, it’s quite strange but it’s a very, it’s not like the, I, the reason I say that is because it’s not what I actually really want that much, it’s not like I’m going out seeking sexual contact with dick but I just, it’s more of like a lot more sexual interest in it, rather than like activity with it. And I think… there’s definitely… the thing, the thing that you know, the thing about like sex drive going up, and that sort of thing I think I’ve experienced it as true, but I find it really interesting cos I think it’s, for me I’ve experienced it as a very different kind of way of experiencing it, so like I feel like the way that my sex drive has gone up is very like perfunctory, whereas sex has always been to me more like about connection and emotional or like in my head. And like that’s where my sex drive has been in lots of ways whereas this is much more just like yeah perfunctory, I think is the best way to explain it. And I think it, it’s, I mean this, I have, this is something that I think is you can get access to information and people’s experiences on the internet of like it does, it does kind of like… what am I trying to say? The thing about like boys will be boys or like some of that biological essentialism, it’s like I don’t think it is about biological essentialism, I think it’s about hormones, as opposed to boys will do this and girls will do that. But I do think there is that hormones affect you differently. Make different, different levels of different hormones do things to your body. Which doesn’t mean you can’t exercise self-control [laughs] yeah but that has been interesting. And I definitely, I feel like I’m just being very frank now, like I’ve definitely noticed myself like cock, I feel a bit embarrassed to say this, but it’s true so I’m just going to say it, which is that like I definitely can, I definitely caught myself like looking at someone’s butt, or like looking at somebody’s chest, or something in a way that I just never would before, or not in a way I would, sorry, not in a way, that sounds like I’m being really leery. I’m not, like, I don’t mean like that, but it just happens now whereas it just didn’t happen before. Which yeah, is strange.

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