Health and weight

Advice to other young people, schools and parents

We asked the young people that we interviewed to give other young people, parents and schools advice about how to make things better for those dealing with issues to do with overweight and under-weight. Here is what they said:

To other young people 

• Remember that you are not alone and that there are many other young people that are also dealing with weight problems.
• Try and talk to other young people with the same problems. It helps.
• Get in touch with a relevant charity organisation. They can give information, advice and support.
• Ask your doctor what help is available in your local area.
• When you are feeling down and depressed talk to someone; a family member or a friend.
• If you are planning to lose weight, join a group. It helps a lot to be doing it together.
• Losing weight is hard but it will benefit your health and boost your confidence.
• Take exercise.
• Keep positive.
• Take the dog for a walk every day.
• Change your lifestyle.
• Don’t give in to peer pressure or the media. Have more confidence in yourself.
• Don’t worry about what other people think or say just be comfortable in yourself.
• Don’t be embarrassed about your weight.
• If you are planning to lose weight, ask for support from family, friends and even teachers.

Advice to schools and teachers 

• Have an anti-bullying policy.
• Learn to recognise bullying. Children affected by it do not always talk about it. 
• If you can’t help with bullying put the child and his/her family in touch with the appropriate services. 
• Make school dinners tasty, healthy and cheaper.
Advice to parents of children/teenagers with a weight problem 

• Seek help if your child is overweight.
• Feed your kids healthy food.
• You’ve got to change your lifestyle if you want your child to change his/hers.
• Support your child. Don’t have a go at them because of their size.
• If you are worried about your child’s size, talk to a doctor.
• Let your child know that you love them.
• Be sensitive.

Last reviewed July 2017.


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