Screening for sickle cell and beta thalassaemia

Interview 01

Age at interview: 29

Brief outline: His partner had routine screening in pregnancy and found she was a sickle cell carrier, so he also had carrier screening. Results unknown at time of interview. No family history.

Background: Student, single. Female partner pregnant for first time. Ethnic background/nationality' Akan, Ghana.

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This man's partner had screening for sickle cell as part of her routine pregnancy care, and discovered she was a carrier. He was asked to go for screening too, and at the time of the interview he had not yet had his results back, although he had been for counselling. (The blood test results should have been available by the time of the counselling appointment, but they were delayed).  

The couple were surprised to discover she was a carrier, as there was no history of sickle cell in her family. He was happy to go for screening because it was part of antenatal care, but felt he would not otherwise have thought of going because he had always been healthy and strong. He has learnt more now about the condition and how carriers are not affected by the condition and have no symptoms. 

The information they were given at the counselling appointment has given him a more positive view of sickle cell disorders than the information he had heard about it in Africa, and about the medical support available for people who have a sickle cell disorder. Even if his child were affected, he would still want to go ahead with the pregnancy and give his child the best possible life.


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