No reactions to MMR

Most children who have the MMR vaccine do not have any problems with it, or if reactions to MMR do occur, they are usually mild. The risk of severe reactions to MMRcausing serious harm, or death, is extremely small. 

The majority of parents we interviewed said that their child had no reaction at all, after either dose of the MMR vaccines. They stressed that they had been very worried beforehand, but their child had been exactly the same after the immunisation as they were before it. One mother gave her daughter the single measles vaccine and was planning to give mumps and rubella single vaccines. She said that her daughter had no reaction to it.

A few mothers had worried that their child's medical problems could be a contraindication to giving MMR, but had followed their doctor's advice and given their child the vaccine. They were then relieved to find that, indeed, it didn't cause any reaction.

All the parents who said their child had little or no reaction to the MMR vaccine also said their child was now healthy and developing normally.

“He's perfectly normal, loud, boisterous, perfectly normal. Completely no effect. But you know, we kept looking and looking and looking but he was completely normal.” [Interview 31, Mother of a 2 and a half year-old-boy] 

“She's her normal self really. Playing, always wants to play, laughing. Tries to say different words and copy you, what you do. It's like she always wants to play, she wants to hold you and take you somewhere and you know she's just herself. And she's always been like that, always laughing and jolly.” [Interview 36, Mother of a 17-month-old girl]

One parent said that their child had not had a reaction after the MMR vaccine. The child was diagnosed with autism four months afterwards, but his parents did not believe this was linked to the MMR vaccine. There is no evidence that autism is linked with the MMR vaccine.

Last reviewed August 2019.
Last updated June 2011


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