Organ donation

Haydn - Interview 15

Age at interview: 52

Brief outline: Haydn's son, Will, had depression and sadly died of a drug overdose in 2006, aged 18. Haydn and his daughter, Will's sister, would have liked more information about the recipients of Will's organs, but only heard about the welfare of two of them.

Background: Haydn is a caretaker. He is divorced and has an adult daughter. Ethnic background / nationality' White British.

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Haydn’s son, Will [William], sadly died of a drug overdose in 2006, aged 18. A week before Will’s death, Haydn spent several hours persuading him over the phone to take his medication for depression. A few days after this call, Will admitted himself into hospital, knowing he was at risk. Several days later, Haydn received a call telling him that Will had been admitted to intensive care.

Haydn lived some distance from his son and travelled immediately to be by his bedside. Haydn was Will’s next of kin and was divorced from Will’s mother. He managed to contact her via the police so she would know that Will was in intensive care. Sadly, Will died in ICU because of a fatal concoction of prescribed and illegal drugs. 

Haydn had been in favour of organ donation for a long time and had a donor card. He and Will’s mother agreed to consent to organ donation. Haydn said that, after Will’s death, he heard about the welfare of only two of the recipients. The first specialist nurse [donor co-ordinator] had been supportive and helpful but, after she left, her replacement did not update him about any of the other recipients. Haydn was disappointed about this and both he and his daughter, Will’s sister, would have liked more information about the recipients’ welfare. She would like to meet the recipients but they do not have any information about them.

Haydn said his daughter gained some support from counselling after Will’s death but Haydn was never offered any such support. He kept himself busy with Will’s inquest, the death of his own sister afterwards, and is only now facing the loss of his son. He received some support from friends and advises others, with hindsight, to talk as much as possible to other people. Haydn was on sick leave at the time of interview and said the stress of losing Will had affected his health. He continues to promote organ donation and advises health professionals to talk to donor families and listen to their experiences.   


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