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We asked people if they had any messages to pass on to others. These covered various aspects of dealing with a health condition including the importance of knowledge and support as well as more practical suggestions.
Some people said that it was important to take control of your treatment and “stand up for yourself”. Several also said that it was best to get things checked out sooner rather than later. In relation to genetic testing, one woman suggested that people should be positively ready to hear what they don’t want to hear because that is “better than being oblivious” to the situation.
Other messages focused on the importance of talking to others or joining support groups. As Karen said' “Talk about it because it’s not going to go away - but you realise you are not alone, there are a lot of people out there.” Stewart highlighted the importance of talking about Factor X1 Deficiency because it is a little known condition which can be controlled.
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Other practical tips included making sure doctors know that you have a particular condition and letting them look at you properly.
Some people, particularly those with Crohn’s disease, stressed the importance of rest and of “learning to listen to what your body is telling you”.
Some people stressed the importance of a positive attitude and of putting things in perspective. As one woman with glaucoma said' “If anything happens with your eyes, don’t despair, a lot of things can be done”. Another, with breast cancer, advised;
“It’s a very long road - take it step by step. I was always trying to jump ahead in my mind to the next treatment. Just take one treatment at a time and you will get through. You know, there is definitely life after breast cancer.”
Some people’s messages were for health professionals. Simone, for example, stressed how much she valued the support of her breast cancer nurse and thought that all women with breast cancer should have help from a specialised nurse.

Last reviewed May 2019.


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