Testicular Cancer

Waiting for results

Waiting to find out whether or not the cancer has spread from the testicle to other parts of the body can be a very stressful time.

Some men wwe interviewed were given the results of their CT scans the same day (see 'Investigations'). However, even waiting a few hours can be stressful. One man waited two or three hours, but he said that they were “two or three hours of hell”.

Other men were given their results within a day or two. One was informed by telephone, 24 hours after the scan, that his cancer hadn't spread.

Many men, however, had to wait much longer to find out whether or not metastases (spread) had occurred. One man was most upset that he had to wait over a week to have the CT scan, in the first place. He thought it should have been done while he was in hospital having his testicle removed. He had to wait another week to get the results and was surprised that the surgeon didn't seem to understand his concerns.

One man, who was upset because he had already waited 19 days for his biopsy results, and who had been told over the telephone he had cancer, was told he would have to wait over two weeks for the result of the CT scan. He became so anxious that he paid for a private consultation, and was shocked that his results were then available immediately.

Another man was so stressed by the delay in getting results that he was unable to work, and had to consult his GP about his feelings of anxiety. He had been seen privately, but his consultant went away on holiday. He said that waiting three weeks for the results was the worst experience he had ever had in his life.

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Some men tried to find out their results by phoning the hospital, but were given various reasons for delays. One, for example, was told, 'the computers are down'. This man had had excellent treatment while in hospital, but he said that the waiting completely 'destroyed' him because he had expected the results quickly. In the end he had to wait three weeks for the results and he said that he could have coped better if he had known from the start that he had to wait so long.

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Last reviewed December 2017.


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