Cervical abnormalities: CIN3 and CGIN

Fertility and pregnancy

Many of the women we interviewed were concerned about the effects of LLETZ or cone biopsy on having children. Some said they would have liked more information about this before having treatment. Others said they had been given enough information and felt reassured that the doctors and nurses would help when the time came.

Treatment for CIN / CGIN should not affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant in the future. Women who have had a cone biopsy or LLETZ are at slightly greater risk of miscarriage and premature labour, before 37 weeks, because of their weakened cervix. A cone biopsy poses a greater risk than LLETZ treatment.

The cervix is really a muscle that keeps the entrance to the womb closed unless a woman is in labour. In some women who have had a cone biopsy, there is a risk that the cervix may start to open too soon because of the weight of the growing baby. Serious problems can usually be prevented. If the doctor thinks a woman’s cervix may start to open too soon, she can have a stitch put around it to hold it shut. This is called a purse string suture. The stitch is cut before the woman goes into labour, usually at about week 37 of pregnancy. The cervix can then open normally for the baby to come out.

One woman was particularly worried because she was planning to start IVF treatment when the LLETZ wound had healed. Her doctor reassured her that LLETZ would not interfere with the IVF treatment. Anna, who’d had a miscarriage before, was concerned about her risk of having another miscarriage because of treatment.

Some women were trying to conceive when they were diagnosed with CIN3 and wondered how long they’d have to wait before they could try again.

Some of the women we spoke to talked about having children after treatment for CIN3.

Jane said she miscarried after having laser treatment and wondered at first if the laser treatment had been the cause. This is unlikely as there are many reasons why a woman may have a miscarriage. She later went on to have two daughters.

Anne Marie was worried about having another child after she had a haemorrhage following her cone biopsy.

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Last reviewed July 2017.
Last updated May 2014.


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