Breast Cancer in women


For the first 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, the chest can be sensitive. During these weeks women who have not had breast reconstruction are given a light fabric-covered prosthesis known as a ‘softie’ or a ‘cumfie’. After this, when the breast has healed, most women are given a lightweight foam prosthesis (artificial breast), which can be put inside the bra.

Most breast prostheses are made from soft silicone gel encased in a thin film, moulded to form the natural shape of a woman’s breast, or part of a breast. The outer surface feels soft and smooth, and may include a nipple outline. The surface that rests against the skin varies, and women can choose one that feels most comfortable for them. More information can be found at Breast Cancer Care.

Some women described being given a prosthesis after the operation and how they managed with this.

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Last reviewed May 2015.
Last updated May 2015.


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