Breast Cancer in women

Choosing not to have breast reconstruction

Some women who’d had a mastectomy chose not to have breast reconstruction. Some said they preferred not to have another operation. Others were comfortable and pleased with their prostheses. Yet other women were reluctant to use areas of the body that were otherwise unaffected for the purposes of reconstruction. Often women who declined reconstructive surgery mentioned all of these reasons.

One woman wondered how a reconstructed breast would compare with the original breast. Another chose not to have breast reconstruction because she was wary of having further problems. Some women mentioned that, had they been younger, they might have considered reconstructive surgery. For many women, decisions about breast reconstruction were bound up with their feelings about their body image and their personal relationships (see 'Body image').

More experiences of choosing not to have a breast reconstruction can be found on the Healthtalk DCIS site.

Last reviewed May 2015.
Last updated June 2010.


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