Parents of children on the Autism Spectrum

Caron - Interview 15

Age at interview: 24

Brief outline: Caron's son, Leo, was diagnosed with autism when he was three. He attends a mainstream primary school but Caron worries that he is not receiving appropriate support.

Background: Caron, a full time carer, and her husband have two sons; Leo aged five and Peter aged 2. Ethnic background/nationality: Mixed race.

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Caron and her husband have two young sons; Leo aged five and Peter aged two. Leo was a very quiet, undemanding baby who didn’t smile or want to be held. Paediatricians saw him regularly because of an arm problem and Caron often raised concerns about his development. She was not taken seriously until Peter was born and Leo’s behaviour deteriorated markedly. The paediatrician thought he might be on the autism spectrum and referred him for assessment. Autism was diagnosed with after a three week assessment when he was three years old.

Caron was relieved to get the diagnosis and had already found information about autism on the internet. She would have liked more information at the time of diagnosis and some ideas and advice about how to help Leo at home. Attending two support groups has helped greatly, as has the exchange of ideas and experiences with other parents.

Leo is having speech therapy and he now speaks like a two year old. He has obsessions such as cars, particular foods and so on. He is getting on reasonably well at his mainstream school but finds some aspects of schooling difficult; such as not winning races and interacting with other children (particularly boys). His sleeping patterns are poor which are very disruptive for Caron. He gets on well with his younger brother and enjoys football, going to the park, playing with cars and going on holiday. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.


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