Parents of children on the Autism Spectrum

Bobbi - Interview 30

Age at interview: 38

Brief outline: Bobbi's younger son, Charlie, was diagnosed with autism when he was five. He attends a local primary school with support and is getting on very well.

Background: Bobbi, a part time administrator, and her husband have two children; Jack aged 8 and Charlie aged 6. Ethnic background/nationality: White American.

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Bobbi and her husband have two sons, Jack aged 8 and Charlie aged 6. Bobbi is a retired make up artist who works as a part time administrator, her husband runs his own business.

When Charlie was about two years old he was very active and had problems going to sleep. His parents suspected he had ADHD but after reading about the condition on the internet, felt that it could be Asperger syndrome.  Eventually, after considerable pushing by his mother, Charlie was referred to a specialist centre where autism spectrum disorder was diagnosed when he was 5 years old.

While Bobbi found it difficult to push for a diagnosis (and so get her concerns listened to), she describes how she and her husband felt “utter relief” to actually get the diagnosis.  They felt that they were on the right track and had something to work with. 

Charlie is now settled in a local primary school and statemented with twenty hours of one to one support a week.  Bobbi describes him as a unique, funny, individual little boy who loves computer games, Spongebob, airplanes and playing with his brother. 

Bobbi has found the hardest thing has been trying to make time for Jack, and the family will often split up in order to accommodate the different interests of the boys. She thinks it is very important to read as much as possible and to keep an open mind.  She is worried about puberty and the future but she is also looking forward to what she describes as a “really cool ride” watching her children grow older.


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