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Visit to avoid fake health news.

iNews, 3rd November 2017

This website has been highlighted as a trusted source of information by iNews in an article discussing the problem of fake health information online. Health correspondent Paul Gallagher reports that Macmillan Cancer Support has employed a Digital Nurse Specialist, Ellen McPake, to help combat... read more

Domestic abuse victims recount their experiences in Bristol University research

Bristol Post, 11th July 2017

The Bristol Post reports on the new domestic violence and abuse section that has just launched on with research from The University of Bristol in partnership with our colleagues at the University of Oxford. 
... read more

Reliable resources for dermatology nurses

Nursing in Practice,’s resources for young people and skin conditions have been described as ‘excellent’ and ‘reliable’ by a Nurse Consultant in Dermatology. Writing for Nursing in Practice, Sandra Lawton said “Each condition-specific section of the SKINS websites covers a range of topics (and) feature... read more

Healthtalk referenced in article about Kim Kardashian and surrogacy

Romper, 22nd May 2017

Our section on conditions that threaten women's lives in pregnancy and childbirth has been referenced in an article about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy experiences. Romper, a website aimed at mums, reports that Kim Kardashian suffered from pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta during her pregnancies... read more

Obituaries of Andrew Herxheimer, co-founder of

The Guardian, The Times, The BMJ, 25th March 2016

An obituary has been published in the Guardian paying tribute to the life of Dr. Andrew Herxheimer, clinical pharmacologist, who died in February this year aged 90. Andrew is greatly missed by friends and colleagues at and the Health Experiences Research Group, both of which he co... read more

What science doesn’t know about the menopause: what it’s for and how to treat it

The Guardian, 15th December 2015

Rose George writes in the Guardian about her experience of the menopause and looks at the scientific evidence behind various treatments. She quotes Maria from our menopause section who talks about her male colleagues... read more recommended in Which?

Which? Magazine, 1st November 2015

Which? Magazine this month features an article about medical data and asks why so many patients are experiencing treatment errors as a result of their medical records not being shared effectively. the article recommends readers use to find out more about their health condition... read more 'Psychosis' resource praised in the British Medical Journal

British Medical Journal, 14th September 2015

Our resource for people living with psychosis received praise in this week's British Medical Journal. The piece said:
... read more

Website of the week

Daily Mirror, 17th August 2015 was featured today in Dr. Miriam Stoppard's health page as 'website of the week'. Dr. Miriam said "[] provides free, reliable information about health issues, by sharing people's real-life experiences". read more

Children’s mental health: there is help for parents of young self-harmers

The Guardian, 7th May 2015

A letter has been published in the Guardian today drawing attention to our resource for parents of young people who self-harm. Psychiatrist Professor Keith Hawton, who led on the project, and Dr. Anne Ferrey have written to the Guardian in response to a piece published on 2 May about the crisis... read more

The survival guide all NHS patients must read

The Daily Mail, 7th April 2015

"Asking for help is a lot easier when you know what you're talking about." says Dr. Phil Hammond, in his article 'insider tips on getting the healthcare you need' in the Daily Mail. "For information on care and choices, is superb, featuring a range of illnesses and health-related... read more

Here's how you can slow down the ageing process and seize control of your health

Mirror, 30th March 2015 is recommended in a guide aimed at helping older people take control of their health. The article recommends as a place to help make decisions about treatment, by hearing how other patients made such choices. read more

Which health websites can you trust?

The Guardian, 14th December 2014

The Guardian's Ann Robinson asks health experts which websites they recommend for health information. Sam Butler from Anthony Nolan recommends Read the full article.... read more

Cyber strike devastates award-winning charity

The Oxford Mail,

At the end of November 2014 was hacked and taken offline. Communications manager Jo Kidd said: “The impact of the hack was obviously devastating for us as our aim is to support people who might feel alone in what they are facing.
... read more named in The Times Newspaper top health websites

The Times, 28th October 2014

Dr Mark Porter named among his top 8 favourite health websites in The Times Newspaper today. He said "If you, or someone you care for, has recently been diagnosed with anything from mental health problems to cancers of the breast or testicle and you want to hear the first-hand... read more

Eating Disorders in young men are being overlooked

BBC, 9th April 2014

Men with eating disorders, like anorexia and bullimia, aren't getting the help they need due to myth that only girls are affected. BBC reports on research project published in the British Medical Journal today. Doctors and young men themselves do not recognise the signs of... read more

How to deal with Penile Cancer

GQ Magazine, 3rd April 2014

GQ magazine reports on the experience of John Edwards who shared his experience for our Penile Cancer project last year. "Penile Cancer is so rare that many GPs haven't seen it" says Pete Branney from Leeds Metropolitan who... read more

How collaborating with patients improves hospital care

The Guardian, 4th March 2014

Clips that appear on are being used in a project to improve hospital care. Our colleagues in the Health Experience Research Group at the University of Oxford have been working with Kings College London to develop a new approach to improving NHS care using patient... read more

Taking the Tablets: a personal guide to antidepressants

The Guardian, 20th November 2013

The Guardian combined's antidepressants video clips with animation and a voice... read more

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Living with an Indwelling Catheter

Nursing Times, 6th November 2013

In this Nursing Times article our researchers Alison Chapple and Suman Prinjha discuss their work on read more

Broadcaster Scott Simon's poignant Twitter vigil for dying mother.

The Independent, 29th July 2013

Healthtalkonline Trustee, Dr Judy Kane, is quoted in an article about US Broadcaster Scott Simon tweeting his mother's final days.
... read more

How to teach sex education

The Guardian, 10th June 2013

Youthhealthtalk's Sexual Health section is mentioned in an article on the Guardian's teachers' network. read more

Fathers-to-be, trust me, watching your children being born is not traumatic

The Guardian, 16th April 2013

"Media misrepresentation of research into life-threatening labour complications has real and harmful consequences" says The Guardian's Ally Fogg, reacting to media reporting elsewhere of our section 'Conditions that threaten women's lives in pregancy and childbirth'.
... read more

Why the trauma of childbirth on fathers is no joke

The Independent, 14th April 2013

Fathers are being left mentally scarred after watching their children delivered in traumatic or life-threatening circumstances, according to a new study. An article looking at the experiences of fathers who shared their story for our section on 'Conditions that threaten women's lives in pregnancy... read more

What health professionals need to know about Eating Disorders

The Guardian, 12th February 2013

Youthhealthtalk researcher Ulla Räisänen explains to readers of the Guardian Healthcare Network what young people think health professionals should know about eating disorders. The article is based on her research with young people about their experiences of eating disorders.
... read more

Self-help books come in many guises

The Guardian, 31st January 2013

Journalist Mark Rice-Oxley, Ad Panel member for our Antidepressants project, writes about his experience of depression and how he helped himself get through it. Of Healthtalkonline he says "It's a powerful moment of insight and relief to understand that you are not alone, that others have been... read more

When is it OK for a cancer campaign to be sexy?

The Guardian, 24th October 2012

"It's possible for campaigns about cancers of the penis or breast to use a sexual hook without slipping into gross exploitation." says Ally Fogg, in an article that makes reference to our section about experiences of penile cancer.
... read more

I gave my kidney to a stranger

The Express, 21st June 2012

Clare East who took part in our 'Organ Donation' project explains why she gave her kidney to a stranger. read more

Support for carers: live discussion

TheGuardian, 18th June 2012

Healthtalkonline researcher, Dr Nic Hughes, took part in a live chat on the Guardian Social Care network about Carers. read more

What matters to Patients? Live Chat

The Guardian, 12th June 2012

Healtalkonline Trustee, Julia Cartwright, joined the panel for the Guardian Healthcare Network Live Discussion: What Matters to Patients. read more

How can social media help nurses communicate with the public?

The Guardian, 16th February 2012

Pam Nelmes discusses what online platforms mean for the future of nurses. Healthtalkonline and Youthhealthtalk are mentioned. read more

Hannah Bass on

BMJ, 20th January 2012

Hannah Bass reports for the British Medical Journal blog from the launch of our section about 'Caring for someone with a terminal illness'. read more

Hugh Grant mentions Healthtalkonline at Leveson Inquiry

The Guardian, 23rd November 2011

Hugh Grant's full testimony at the Leveson Inquiry. Grant's mention of Healthtalkonline: "I asked the papers (via my lawyer) to each make a £5000 contribution to a charity I support. The charity is called Healthtalkonline, and I thought it was neat in that they had talked about my health online. ... read more

NHS leaves men with breast cancer 'isolated'

BBC Scotland, 20th October 2011

BBC Scotland talk about Healthtalkonline's new section on Men with Breast Cancer. read more

Help for men with breast cancer

London Evening Standard, 20th October 2011

Health campaigners have launched a website to raise awareness of breast cancer in men and encourage more with symptoms to seek medical help.... read more

The pain of male breast cancer

Channel 4 News, 5th October 2011

VIDEO: Victoria Macdonald, Health and Social Care correspondent reports for Channel 4 news about's research into men with breast cancer. Features an interview with our Trustee, Dr. Judy... read more

BMA patient information awards 2011

16th September 2011

Healthtalkonline's Menopause section recieved a 'Higly commended' award from the British Medical Association's Patient Information Awards. read more

Health Communicator of the Year award -BMJ

BMJ, 19th May 2011

VIDEO: Healthtalkonline founder Ann McPherson was honoured by an award from the BMJ for Health Communicator of the Year, Hugh Grant and Ann's husband, Klim, were there to accept the award on her behalf. ... read more

Psychiatrists should “pay attention” to criticisms from people who have experienced psychosis

Psychminded, 6th April 2011

Psychiatrists should “pay attention” to criticisms leveled at them from more than 30 people who hear, or have heard voices, and whose experiences are documented on a new website, says the head of a leading mental health organisation.
... read more

Listening to patients’ narratives can help improve quality of psychosis care

BMJ, 6th April 2011

Doctors have been urged to go back to basics in mental health care and listen to the narratives of people with experience of psychosis as a foundation for improving treatment and services and bringing hope of recovery to those in crisis.
... read more

Highlands mental health group 'could help 50,000'

BBC, 5th April 2011

A Highland mental health support group could potentially be helping 50,000 people, according to one of its staff, Graham Morgan, who has shared his experiences on Healthtalkonline's 'Experiences of Psychosis' section.
... read more

Movie star pays tribute to doctor

The Oxford Mail, 24th March 2011

FILM star Hugh Grant has honoured the work of an Oxford doctor to educate people about health conditions. read more

Shared decision making is not always a priority for patients, website finds

BMJ, 23rd March 2011

Doctors should recognise that there is no “one size fits all” approach to breaking bad news or to sharing decision making, especially when caring for people with life threatening or terminal illness.
... read more

Hugh Grant : 'I Google every illness I get'

The Daily Telegraph, 16th March 2011

Film star Hugh Grant has become the sponsor of a health website that "helps hypochondriacs" like himself. See video...
... read more

Hugh Grant and Ann McPherson on BBC Breakfast

BBC, 15th March 2011

VIDEO: Hugh Grant and Ann McPherson's (Healthtalkonline co-founder) appearance on BBC Breakfast talking about our pancreatic cancer module (for which both shared their stories) and the 10th anniversary of the charity.
... read more

Hugh Grant tells of mother's brave cancer battle

Evening Standard, 15th March 2011

Hugh Grant spoke for the first time today about how he coped with losing his mother to cancer as he backed a website that supports families. read more

How do professional women cope with the menopause?

The Daily Telegraph, 14th March 2011

Hot flushes, mood swings and forgetfulness are just a few of the more obvious signs of the menopause. But how do you cope with the symptoms at work? One sufferer tells Jane Feinmann.
... read more

For the desperately ill, trials of new drugs offer one last hope

Daily Mail,

...But if it all goes wrong, you could be on your own. Karen Witney, who shared her story for our clinical trials section, speaks to the Daily Mail about what happened when her husband Andy took part in a drugs trial.
... read more

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The time of your life

Nursing Standard, 10th January 2011

A website offers nurses the opportunity to learn about women’s real experiences of menopause. Mary-Claire Mason reports... read more

Dr. Luisa Dillner's guide to...the menopause

The Guardian, 14th December 2010

Dr. Luisa Dillner answer questions about the menopause and mentions our menopause section.  read more

Setting the Record Straight on Hot Flushes - as Women Lift Lid on the Menopause

PR Newswire, 6th December 2010

A ground-breaking website today lifts the lid on the menopause - and could save women from suffering alone, misunderstood by unsympathetic partners and sniggering workmates...
... read more

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The people’s practitioner

RCGP news, 1st July 2010

The people's practitioner - An innovative website of real-life patient experiences is the culmination of a life's work for its co-founder and RCGP fellow Ann McPherson (see page 3). read more

Website for families bereaved due to gun crime

News & Star, 5th June 2010

Families of those affected by Cumbria’s shooting massacre have been urged to visit a website offering advice from people who have been bereaved due to gun crime.
... read more

Cervical cancer: Making time for testing matters

Metro, 18th April 2010

‘Jade Goody’s honesty persuaded many women to come forward and tell their stories online as well as attend cervical screening,’ says Healthtalkonline researcher Suman Prinjha. read more

Financial Times: Healthtalkonline: useful and rational. Interview with Dr Ann McPherson

Financial Times, 8th December 2009

Margaret McCartney interviews Healthtalkonline founder Ann McPherson read more

The Hugh Grant-backed website that helps with everything from cancer to dementia

The Daily Mail, 2nd December 2009

The Hugh Grant-backed website that helps with everything from cancer to dementia read more

Is a mastectomy for a breast lump ALWAYS a lifesaver?

Daily Mail, 19th May 2009

An article about our section on Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. read more

Living a full life with cystic fibrosis

BBC, 12th January 2008

Feature about Sophie, who shared her experience of Cystic Fibrosis for our section on Long-term health conditions in young people. read more

A new resource for teenagers with cancer

BBC, 26th March 2006

When Vishal Joshi was diagnosed with cancer, aged just 14, he wanted to hear positive stories about other young people who had fought the disease. Teenagers like himself, who could tell him about their experiences of Hodgkin's disease and prepare him for what lay ahead. But he found little aimed... read more


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